From a one-man sales agency in 1939, Essco has grown into an industry leader in precision, high-performance doctor technology. We’re flexible and responsive. Essco has gained a worldwide reputation for quality, dependability and unparalleled customer service.

About Essco

Essco manufactures custom doctor systems, doctor blades and blade holders in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in one of the industry’s most modern facilities. Our technical staff and salespeople cover the entire USA, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries in Europe, South America and Asia. We’re experts in doctor solutions. And we have a long history of satisfied customers in a variety of industries.

We recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary as Essco Incorporated. Read our press release here.

Focused on Custom Doctor Solutions

We customize every doctor solution to your exact needs, with in-house engineering and precision manufacturing. We’re known around the globe for durable products and consistently high performance in the most demanding environments. And we’ll provide the expert consulting and maintenance support you need to keep you up and running for the long haul.

Dedicated to Superior Service

We’re serious about delivering great products. But, just as important as the products are the relationships we form with our customers. With Essco, you can count on responsive personalized attention almost anywhere in the world. From the first stages of design, through installation, to maintenance and support, we’ll make sure you’re getting our best.

Quality Products Deserve Quality Crates


We’re totally focused on giving you a superior product with the best possible service. Even when it comes to shipping, that’s not something we’re willing to compromise. That’s why we deliver every Essco order in our own handcrafted shipping crates. It’s just one of the things we do to make sure you’re taken care of.

ESSCO Crates

Leading the Way through Performance and Experience

We’re constantly working to improve our products and services. It’s that kind of dedication that’s made Essco an industry leader and trusted partner of mills worldwide. Some of our breakthrough innovations include:

TWINFLEX™ the revolutionary first twin-bladed press doctor installed in North America

FIBERLINE AC™ our proprietary carbon fiber doctor blade line

ETUNIFORM™ the industry standard for pneumatic, conforming blade holders

REDLINE AC™ the next generation of carbon fiber doctor blades