At Essco, we engineer our doctor blades for greater reliability and consistent performance. We manufacture doctor blades for every application using the highest quality material. We can customize any blade to your specific use.

Blade Material Standard Thickness
Spec 172 ESSCO 172 Blade 1075/1095 steel .025", .035", .050"
Spec 173 ESSCO 173 Blade stainless steel .015", .025", .035", .050"
Spec 173HT ESSCO 173ht Doctor blade stainless steel with tungsten carbide or other proprietary wear resistant coating .050"
Spec 176 ESSCO 176 Blade bronze .035", .050", .093"
Spec 285 ESSCO 285 Blade Virgin UHMW Polyethylene .250"
Spec 285SF ESSCO 285 SF-Blade Polyethylene with Impregnated Lubricant .250"
Spec 285GB ESSCO 285GB Blade Micron Bead Filled UHMW Polyethylene with Extended Thermal and Wear Properties .250"
Spec 285XL ESSCO 285XL Blade Enhanced Wear Life UHMW Polyethylene .250"
Spec 281 ESSCO 281 Blade Teflon, White TFE Low Friction, High Temperature (Fiberglass Reinforced Also Available) .250"
Spec 276 ESSCO 276 Blade Abrasive Cleaning Blade — Variable Grit Cloth, Fiberglass and Phenolic Resin 0.117