We custom-build every Essco doctor system to your exact specifications. It’s our commitment to meeting your unique needs that has earned the trust of customers across the globe.

If you need a doctor system, we can build it—whether you’re in the paper industry, food processing or finishing steel. Here are some common applications:

Elements of a Doctor System

Every doctor system is unique, but they’re all made up of the same general components. Here’s a look at the elements that go into a complete doctor system.

ESSCO Doctor System

A – Doctor Back

We’ll design the doctor back—the system’s main support beam—to your specific needs for strength, vibration, deflection and space requirements. Then we machine it to within thousandths of an inch for a precise fit with the surface of the roll.

B – Blade Holder

The blade holder secures the doctor blade for a precise blade-to-roll fit. We’ll design your system with the right rigid, conforming or creping holder, depending on your specific application.

C – Support and Mounting

We offer a variety of journals, bearings and custom mounting brackets to support your doctor. The specific design is based on the weight of the doctor and whether or not your system oscillates.

D – Loading Devices

We position the doctor blade against the roll using an air cylinder system, adjustable torque arms, or a spring-loaded pressure rig. We’ll select the loading device that best suits your application and helps to minimize costs and maintenance.

E – Oscillation

You can improve doctor performance by adding oscillation to your system. We offer a variety of electromechanical and pneumatic systems that provide smooth, continuous oscillation for any size doctor.

Pioneering Double Doctor Technology

Essco designed, manufactured and installed the first center press double doctor in North America. That was in 1987. Since then, we’ve continued to make design and engineering breakthroughs in double doctor technology.

ESSCO TwinFlex Doctor System

Our revolutionary double doctor design includes industry-leading features in adjustment and operation for couch, suction, blind-drilled and grooved rolls. Benefits of a TwinFlex system include:

Reduces sheet moisture entering the press or dryer section

Improves cross-machine moisture profile

Decreases hole plugging in shell

Reduces drying costs and/or permits machine speed increase

Enhances vacuum efficiency

Extends period between roll regrinds and prolongs cover life